Video and Photo Specifications

Video Specifications

  • File type- acceptable file types include .mov, .mpg, .mpeg, .wmv, mp4, .m4v, or simply provide a YouTube link. Minimum pixel aspect ratio 640 x 480.
  • Video files must not exceed 250 MB and 5 minutes in length.

DOs and DONT’s:

  • DO take footage of your program in action. Show students immersed in the program’s operations.
  • DO interview students, faculty, and anyone else involved in the programs day to day operations and explain how the program improves the lives of students in your district or county. 
  • DO provide the full name, title, and company/district/school of anyone featured in your video. There will be a place to upload a file containing those details. 
  • DON’T submit a slideshow of still pictures 
  • DON’T use special effects or filters on your compilation 
  • DON’T use transitions lasting longer than 2 seconds.

Example videos

  • Example Video #1: Teaching Creativity with Common Core State Standards | Watch video
  • Example Video #2: Advanced Chemical Research | Watch video
  • Example Video #3: The International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme | Watch video

Photo Specifications

Please adhere to the following specifications when selecting your 3 (three) high quality photos for submission:

  • File size should be between 1 MB and 4 MB
  • Minimum 750 pixels wide
  • Full color, unedited photos are preferred
  • Orientation should be landscape, not portrait
  • No blurry or low resolution photos please! Only crisp, clear and print-quality photos can be used in the variety of media formats that CSBA wishes to showcase its winning programs.

To check the file size and pixel width of your photo on a Windows computer, right-click on the photo or file name and select “properties”

Example photos

Example Photo #1:

Example Photo #2:

Example Photo #3: